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WMC I-1 WORLD MUAYTHAI PRIX will be held in Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall) on 8 Aug 2017.

The time we have the United States, Slovakia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong China, total 13 Countries.We have selected 5 best Hong Kong Muaythai Champion to accept the challenge, for the Global Championship, the Pacific Championship and Super-Fight Championship.

The Main Events are theWMC I-1 World Title Super-4 Championships.
The 4 champions competing for the 67kg Super-4 are:
Umut Norgza (Turkey)
Pumip Ceazer Ngaronoa (New Zealand)
Alex Oller (Brazil)
Cédric Desruisseaux (France)

WMC I-1 Super Fight Championships 57kg
Harrison Chan ( Hong Kong) vs Claudio La Sorte (Italian)

WMC I-1 Super Fight Championships 60kg
JaysonWong( Hong Kong) vs Arthur Meyer (France)

WMC I-1 Super Fight Championships 57kg
Leung Pak Yu (Hong Kong) vs Jan Szajko (Slovakia)

WMC I-1 Pacific Championships 45kg
Cindy Wu(Hong Kong) vs Monika Metochi (Slovakia)

WMC I-1 Global Championships 51kg
Gray Tang (Hong Kong) vs Sato Shuto (Japan)

WMC I-1 Supreme Championships 61kg
Somkid Khonthong (Thailand)vs Kana Hyatt (USA)

WMC I-1 Super Fight Championships 69kg
Nikos Grantzidis (Greece) vs Dragan Pesic(Serbia)

WMC I-1 Supreme Championships 72kg
Tum Mardsua (Thailand) vs Ariel Benedict Escayo (Philippines)

“I-1” is the ONLY Muaythai brand name in Hong Kong you can trust!!!
Start Sales Date
17 May 2017 (Wed) at 10am
Event Nature
Thai Boxing Competition
Programme Enquiry
9212 2584
Approx. 210 minutes (No interval)
Promoter Name
Master Kim

The programme information is for reference only. The organiser reserves the right to change programme information or schedule should unavoidable circumstances dictate.
  • This event is suitable for age 6 or above.
  • Each ticket admits one person only. A valid ticket must be presented for admission.
  • Marked Seating
*Premium Ticket $1,000: 
Round Tables (10 chairs / table). Ringside area includes: Standard snacks plus a glass of house red or white wine.
**VIP Ticket $600: 
Round Tables (10 chairs / table). With a bar and snack bar at their own expenses.
Date & Time
8 Aug 2017 (Tue) at 7pm
Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Star Hall
Ticket Pricing
Premium Ticket*: $1000
VIP Ticket**: $600
Adult: $400 / $250
Wheelchair: $250

Each wheelchair patron can be accompanied by one minder

Ticket price does not include customer service fee.
Seating Plan